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Men Linen Blazer - Green Linen Cavani 2 Button Slim Fit

Thương hiệu: Cavani
Loại: Linen

Two Button - Notch Lapel - Double Vent - Half Canvas

MaterialPure Linen
Composition100% Pure Linen
Fabric CodeLh253-04
Woven byCavani, Italy
Care InstructionsDry Clean Only

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Hotline hỗ trợ: (+84)826977888
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Two Button - Notch Lapel - Double Vent - Half Canvas

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Dry cleaning a linen suit is usually better than using a washing machine because it uses a solvent rather than lots of water. This gentler process helps the weave to maintain its structure and protects your suit.

Another handy tip that will help protect your suit's condition is to place mothballs, lavender, or cedar chips near your suit when in storage. This helps to prevent pesky little moths from damaging it.

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